When your adiction to magic boosters go too far




When you betray your friend in a game of EDH

That one game where you must get your best poker face on!

When you combine your two fave colours to make a epic deck in edh

Enchanting a Bear with Double Strike, First Strike, Lifelink and Equipments

……Eup…..This happened to me…..My nose started to bleed from the anger and surprise within

How Most Red Players Feel when A New Set Comes Out

That one Player in EDH who will backstab you when you think your safe

For that one perons who has nothing but 1 cost cards in there deck


terriblybland got a fantastic Izzet tattoo done! Niv-Mizzet flavor text and all.


Well this was something lol

could not stop laughing at this headline she looks way way too happy about that veg and the title alone makes it funnier  lol